What are some of the Challenges to a Production Designer working in a VP over traditional film/TV?

Alison Cross, Production Designer for H2BG takes photos of the real props for the purposes of syncing when the virtual set rotates in 360.
Dr Andrew MacQuarrie leads the Unreal Engine session with the creative HoDs online
The virtual concrete
The real paint surface
The concrete paving slab in situ
Painting the wagon door prop to match the virtual
The wagon door prop on the set to serve as the entrance/exit into the virtual wagon
The virtual wagon door in this shot matches the real door prop in the second shot below.
Lead character, Lily, walks out of the virtual wagon space, past the real door prop.
Lily scratches her name on the metal plate, fixed to the wagon door prop



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Dr. Jodi Nelson-Tabor

Dr. Jodi Nelson-Tabor


Dr Jodi Nelson-Tabor is a Filmmaker, Writer/Producer, Sr Lecturer & Creative Consultant working across the traditional and immersive creative economy sector.