What does the role of the Director of VP entail?

Writer/Producer/Co-Director Jodi Nelson-Tabor directs actor Grace Enever on the set of How to Be Good
  • Interpret scripts
  • Set the tone of film
  • Work with department heads
  • Work with casting directors to find talent
  • Direct actors and the camera
  • Work with editors to assemble the film
  • Work with sound and music departments
Snapshot of our storyboard demonstrating the detail of each shot, with the visuals created in Unreal Engine
Editor & VFX specialist, Walter Stabb and Co-Director/DoP Peter Bathurst watch shot 3 & 4 as the composited shot on-set in playback
  • create environments that now interact with the live-action, allowing filmmakers to make real-time decisions and changes
  • create backgrounds which move in full perspective with respect to the camera’s position, updating in real-time as the camera moves
  • allow the production to move from one convincingly detailed and photo-real environment to another without leaving the stage
  • allow final shots to be captured in camera, without the need to replace the backgrounds in post-production
The Storyboards for How to Be Good production with shot details and visuals created in Unreal Engine
Behind the scenes of Percival
Main character, Lily, in the hybrid-green screen environment with real fencing
In the composite with Unreal Engine background asset
Main character Tom, in his home in the hybrid-green screen environment
In the composite with Unreal Engine background asset (which will still needs VFX in post to adjust the key)
Stockwell Street Studio at University of Greenwich
Actors Connor and Grace shoot the final scene in the film which is captured in 2 separate takes and will be ‘stitched’ together in post
Clip of the shot with main character, Lily walking on the travelator, with notes to the editor/VFX team for further render in UE background.



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Dr. Jodi Nelson-Tabor

Dr. Jodi Nelson-Tabor


Dr Jodi Nelson-Tabor is a Filmmaker, Writer/Producer, Sr Lecturer & Creative Consultant working across the traditional and immersive creative economy sector.