What does the role of Unreal Developer entail in Virtual Production?

Due to COVID a lot of our work took place on Teams, using screen sharing to explore and adapt the scene together in Unreal. Here we work through the shot list, adding fences and digital stand-in characters to create a storyboard.
A virtual camera placed in the scene. These allow the location and lens properties of each shot to be defined early, as well as generating images for a storyboard. Virtual characters from Mixamo act as digital stand-ins.
A poster version of the storyboard became a shared physical object that facilitated discussions on set.
The sound designer may want to incorporate certain virtual objects from the scene, such as this power transformer that emitted a humming noise in our soundscape.
Actor Connor Creighton (Tom) walking on the travelator. Some shots presented a technical challenge when the tracking of the physical camera had to be combined with movement from a treadmill.
Some shots would have been impossible to film fully in the studio. This image shows an establishing aerial shot that was captured using Unreal in post-production. The shot made use of footage captured in the studio, billboarded into the environment. This provides parallax as the camera moves around the shadowy figure seen here from a large distance.



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Dr. Jodi Nelson-Tabor

Dr. Jodi Nelson-Tabor


Dr Jodi Nelson-Tabor is a Filmmaker, Writer/Producer, Sr Lecturer & Creative Consultant working across the traditional and immersive creative economy sector.